Join the world’s greatest Sound Effects Library

Soundsnap is the largest professional sound effects library available on the internet, and is powered by creatives of all types, from the recordists and designers who create our content, to the developers and curators who keep our catalog organized, functional and just plain fun to use. Soundsnap has been used worldwide by companies like Pixar, Vice, HBO, BBC, Discovery, Microsoft, Playstation, and many more. We're hiring in the following areas:

Creative Video Editor

Soundsnap is looking for a video editor for a series of short, high-quality promotional video projects on an independent contractor basis. These projects will be short promotional videos, encompassing the need for the following:

Brainstorming and storyboarding ideas for each of 5 videos in the series
Finding intriguing stock footage, appropriate for the subject matter
Working with the developing background soundtrack with the sound editor
Integrating motion graphics components into a seamless workflow
Editing and compositing using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci, Smoke, etc.
Accepting feedback and revisioning on a time-sensitive schedule
If the chosen candidate is a strong fit and the projects go well, there may be potential for more projects in the future. Compensation will be based on experience.

Soundsnap is one of the largest providers of professional sound effects online, and is looking to produce videos to match the same standard of quality we hold the brand’s reputation to. Each of these videos will correlate to future product releases.

Please submit a resume if you have one, and a demo reel or portfolio (links, not files).

Email us your CV/resume at We look forward to speaking with you!

Open Call for Content Licensing

Soundsnap is always looking to license content from experienced sound designers. We are looking for professionally-recorded and mastered libraries of SFX in the following categories:

Exotic animals and rare wildlife.
Ambiences from specific locations - international cities, rural areas, the arctic, etc.
Vehicles - the rarer, the better. (Vintage cars, biplanes, triplanes and gyrocopters and drones are also good).
Ultimately, we want uncommon, but useful and well-crafted sound effects to further flesh out our library.

If you’re interested, hit up with work samples and any associated assets (we really, really love metadata spreadsheets). We ask that potential contributors reach a minimum of 300 sounds per submission.