The Soundsnap Team

Tasos Fratzolas pic
Tasos Fratzolas

Tasos grew up in Athens, Greece and began producing music at the age of 13. After a brief stint in London’s recording and post-production industries, Tasos returned to Greece to found Soundsnap. When he’s not working on more ways to find the perfect sound, he enjoys tennis, cycling and the occasional late-night DJ set.

Robb Canfield pic
Robb Canfield

Robb Canfield was raised in the Northwest of the United States and discovered electronics and computers at an early age. He has designed, built and managed technology solutions for an array of industries — audio processing, video manipulation, distributed databases, health, finance and security. When not playing with computer technology he's either traveling, looking skyward as an amateur astronomer or messing with 3D printers.

Sevi Angeletopoulou pic
Sevi Angeletopoulou

A skillful photographer-turned-web developer, Sevi draws upon both her artistic and technical backgrounds in creating the technology behind Soundsnap's immersive front end experience. She currently divides her time between London and Athens, Greece.

Doug Bleggi pic
Doug Bleggi

Doug is a Long Island, New York native. He went to Brooklyn College for Radio and Television production which he studied at while working at one of Long Island’s most famous record stores, Mr. Cheapo’s. When he’s not rummaging through Soundsnap’s sound vaults or conversing with clients, he’s likely out there DJing some lucky couple’s wedding or interviewing musicians.