Wolves Barking and Howling

WAV, 44Khz, 16bit, 0:09
Title: Wolves Barking and ...
Library: Shriek Productions
Duration: 0:09
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Category: Wild Animals
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Tags: bark, barking, howl, howling, wolf, wolves
Wolves barking and howling at various distances
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muralartist's picture

Nope, not wolves, they have

Nope, not wolves, they have many sounds but don't bark, at least not like this recording. This recording is not coyotes either.

MysticSabreonic's picture

This is a very nicely

This is a very nicely recorded track but these are NOT wolves. Full blooded wolves do not bark. The critter in the sound file sounds like dog barking at something. Usually dogs can howl, but not like a wolf can. Nicely recorded though.