WAV, 44Khz, 16bit, 0:09
Title: unknownArizonaBird
Library: JumpForCholla
Duration: 0:09
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Category: Birds
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Tags: animal, arizona, bird, squawk
A bird, squawking in the medium distance
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That sound recorded with a

That sound recorded with a portable media player. When I first uploaded it, I tried to put it here as a MP3, but soundsnap said it did not recognize the file type. Dunno about that, that MP3 plays on both my computer and on the player. So, it was converted to a wav. I think the second codec transcode distorted the sound. I can try again to upload the MP3 and see if soundsnap will behave better this time.

Another thought, there were no mp3 ID1/2/3 tags on the mp3 file since it originally was transcoded from a wma file type. I wonder if I put some tags in the MP3 soundsnap would like it better? Also, I can filter out the wind noise, and the sound of a distant but loud freeway.

I've been trying to record this bird for a very long time, and finally just stuck the recorder in the window. Whenever I go outside or try to approach it closer than 50 yards it flies off.

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Hi Jump. Welcome to the

Hi Jump.

Welcome to the community.

I really like this sound, but the recording has too much hiss. What have you recorded it with?

We are trying to keep the quality of the library very high. Could you possibly filter out that top part that is causing that high tone?

You can do that by clicking on the filename and then going to the 'edit' tab. From there, you can upload your new file, but keep the description etc.

Also, please add appropriate tags, such as 'bird', 'ambience' etc.

If you don't change the above, I will probably have to erase the sound.

Sorry about this. Let me know what you 're going to do.