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What is Soundsnap?

Soundsnap started out as a free, community driven sound library in July 2007. Over time, it has become the number one destination for pro sounds in the world.

In late 2008, we decided to go commercial in order to pay back our users. We made a brave "cleanup" of the library and added more premium content.

Today, you can find sound effects and loops from the best Hollywood sound designers and cutting edge music producers.

  Who Uses Soundsnap?

Sound Designers
Film editors
Music Producers
TV and Radio stations
Web designers
Video game developers
Theater sound designers
Home video makers


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Sounds from the sound designers of Star Trek, Tron, Addamms Family,
The Hunt for Red October, Ali, Million Dollar Baby, Happy Feet and Batman Begins

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Music loops from producers DMX Krew, Eat Static, Dom Kane,
Mike Dred, Atomic Pulse and Groove Collective

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What people say about soundsnap
" is revolutionizing the sample library industry!"

Mike Dred, DJ &Producer,
Rephlex Records

"To my great satisfaction, I come upon and found severaI great clips from various contributors. Keep up the great work!"

Reuben James Steindorf
Film Producer/Director, Vision Realm Inc.

"Soundsnap is a great resource for finding that missing link in your sound library at 3 a.m."

Ric Viers, Sound Designer /
President, Blastwave FX

"I work in sound post-production, and if there's a sound I can't find in my library, or want inspiration for help in creating new sounds, I check online on Soundsnap." .

Justine Angus, Sound and Music Editor
Credits include Batman Begins, Happy Feet