What's Changed?

Do I have to pay? I thought Soundsnap was free.

After months of discussion within the Soundsnap community, some necessary changes have taken place.

The website changed from being totally free, to being partially free on December 7th 2008.

You can still download up to 5 Free sounds a month, but after that, you 'll need to buy Soundsnap Pro membership.

Why are you charging for memberships?

  • Our contributors have decided that they want to get paid for their work. Therefore, we need a solid revenue stream to fund this.
  • We have licensed thousands of high quality FX from famous sound designers and producers and are now offering more than 100,000 sounds. Naturally, this has also increased our costs a lot.
  • The website has increased its traffic considerably- more than 450,000 people visit us each month. This means larger bandwidth and hardware costs.
  • We have added new functions, improved our software and hardware to make the site better and faster.
  • Advertising revenue is very low, so in order to survive and grow we need alternative revenue sources (especially in this economy!)

However, Soundsnap remains a low cost/ high value offering, with 5 free sounds a month and Soundsnap Pro memberships starting at $29 USD a month.

Do contributors get rewarded?


All users that have contributed up until today, can get a Soundsnap Pro account (contact us via this form to request one).

Additionally, we are developing a plan to pay back contributors.
We are going to form a highly skilled team of professionals that will be constantly providing Soundsnap with fresh material.

Keep an eye on the forums- detailed info about this will be announced in late December.

Why is there a limit on Soundsnap Pro downloads?

Soundsnap Pro accounts have a download limit as well, although its pretty high.

This limit has been applied mainly to control the amount of piracy and password sharing.

Special Thanks

To all the contributors and Soundsnap members for their constant support.

This community resource belongs to you!